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21 Jul 2023

Edition 1 of Corian® Design Awards 2023 Honours Outstanding Creations

The much-anticipated 1st Edition of the Corian® Design Awards 2023 has recently concluded, and the results are in! After an arduous selection process, CASF is delighted to announce the deserving winners whose innovative designs have left a lasting impression.

The Corian® Design Awards celebrate the remarkable creativity and craftsmanship displayed by architects and designers who utilise Corian® solid surface in their projects. The awards aim to recognise exceptional creations in both Residential and Commercial segments, shining a spotlight on those who push the boundaries of contemporary design.

Amongst the array of high-calibre entries received, the following projects stood out, showcasing an exceptional blend of artistry, functionality, and innovation:

Cape Cod Bungalows, Ultraspace

The Cape Cod Bungalows project wowed the judges with its impeccable fusion of traditional charm and modern aesthetics. The clever use of Corian® solid surface in various applications not only elevated the overall design but also highlighted the material’s versatility in creating stunning yet practical spaces.


Redimed Anzac House, Crooked Lines Design Studio

The Redimed Anzac House project touched hearts with its thoughtful design, dedicated to providing exceptional care to veterans in Central Perth. Corian® solid surface played a significant role in creating an inviting and soothing atmosphere, ensuring a conducive environment for healing and well-being.


The H2 Home Project, Rust Architecture

The H2 Home Project stood out for its seamless incorporation of contemporary design with tranquil aesthetics. The innovative use of Corian® solid surface enabled the architects to realize their vision of harmonious curves and smooth surfaces, creating an atmosphere of serenity and sophistication.


Melbourne Shoulder and Upper Limb, Melanie Beynon Architecture & Design

The Melbourne Shoulder and Upper Limb medical clinic amazed the judges with its cutting-edge design, redefining the concept of wellness in healthcare spaces. Corian® solid surface played a vital role in the creation of a modern and hygienic environment, optimizing both aesthetics and functionality.

Each of these winners has demonstrated a remarkable ability to harness the potential of Corian® solid surface, pushing boundaries and setting new standards in design excellence. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to the entire design community and reinforce Corian® as a versatile and innovative material.



Congratulations once again to all the edition winners.


For more information about the Corian® Design Awards, or to enter, please visit the Corian® Design Awards page.