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01 Feb 2020

Announcing the 2019 Corian® Design Award Winner

The votes have been cast and counted, and it’s time to announce the 2019 Corian® Design Award Winner!

The Corian® Design Awards are shaped to recognise local designers for the creative use of Corian® in their field of expertise. Along with celebrating their ingenuity and the rich beauty of their designs, these awards elevate the profile of designers amongst their peers and with the general public.

The designers of these Grand Prize Winning projects have more to celebrate than just bragging rights: they’ll be joining the Corian® team on a trip to Milan with an exclusive pass to Milan Design Week!

Across the course of the 2019 awards, Australia’s design and architectural communities came together to celebrate the best Corian® designs, with nine projects shortlisted. The judging panel was greatly impressed by the quality and creativity of the shortlist, with comments including ‘beautiful shapes and clever detailing’ and ‘the use of Corian® Solid Surface created a seamless and organic space which is unique and striking’. Designers from across the country pushed the limits of Corian® in all categories, with the innovative and imaginative use of this material enhancing and elevating key design elements to create unique and thought-provoking appeal.

The Commercial Grand Finalist: 24-Hour Kitchen, Designed by 2X4

Our commercial grand finalist for 2019 is the 24-Hour Kitchen, designed by 2×4. Our judges’ comments include:

‘The simplicity of using a single material as the focus of the installation creates a beautiful and continuous ribbon that appears to float suspended within the space. The
elegant use of Corian® Solid Surface exemplified the multiple properties of the material.”
Jeremy Mather, Mather Architecture

“Corian® has been used in a highly innovative way that showcases the product as both a functional material expressed as an art form. It provides the perfect backdrop for the food displays while being a standalone, striking piece of design.”
Katerina Miranda, Thomson Adsett

“Superb design thinking, together with pushing the materiality capabilities of Corian® to their limits, makes this project an absolute standout. A pleasure to the eye.”
Melanie Marshall, MKDC

“A simple yet effective display of the structural stability and limits that can be achieved
with Corian®. Outstanding!”
Karyn Cairney, Nettleton Tribe

The Residential Grand Finalist: Welcome To The Jungle House, Designed by Clinton Cole of CPLUSC Architectural Workshop

Our residential grand finalist for 2019 is Welcome To The Jungle House, designed by Clinton Cole of CPLUSC Architectural Workshop. Congratulations, Clinton! Our judges’ feedback stated:

“Beautiful shapes and clever detailing are evidenced in this innovative and thoughtful project. The designers have triumphed over some reasonably tough space limitations.” Melanie Marshall, MKDC

“A bathroom one can only dream of! A perfect example of how Corian® can be used with practicality and still maintain style, warmth and softness to a home.”
Karyn Cairney, Nettleton Tribe

“The project utilises the thermoforming properties of Corian® Solid Surface to create a seamless and organic space which is unique and striking. The designers have cleverly executed a design philosophy to push a single material to its ultimate conclusion creating a beautiful space in the process.”
Jeremy Mather, Mather Architecture

“The unique properties of Corian® are emphasised and maximised in this bathroom project. The thermo-moulding, seamless joins and removal of grout/silicon lines complements the overall minimalistic aesthetic and features the fine details.”
Katrina Miranda, Thomson Adsett

These two projects highlight the flexible, intuitive way in which Corian® can bring architectural and design visions to life. Congratulations to our 2019 Corian® Design Award Winners.