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23 May 2021

Corian Design Award 2021 Shortlist Winners

Australian Space Discovery Centre, SA Commercial

  • Designed by: Andrew Staker of JPE Design Studio
  • Corian® Colours: Ash Concrete and Rain Cloud

Why was Corian® chosen?

Corian® was chosen for the main central information and reception hub as the design called for a material that was able to be formed and moulded in a unique and seamless way that could provide a planetary form as well as being heavy enough in it’s appearance to anchor the space.

Island Retreat Residential

  • Designed by: Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace
  • Corian® Colours: Whisper, Savannah, Neutral Concrete, Neutral Aggregate, Glacier White, Glacier Ice

Why was Corian® chosen?

A product with extreme versatility and durability was required to co-ordinate my elegantly timeless and serene art-based theme weaving through this island retreat project. With all the organic 3D textures, thermoforming and complicated shapes, Corian® was the obvious and only product to be used to achieve my unique and seamless result.