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Dr Won Surgery, Brisbane

Edition 1

Dr Won’s clinic is a 50 m2 Plastic Surgery Practice in Brisbane’s Medical District. It is a patient-centric design that reflects quality up to date care, and the vibrant personality of the doctors. With a focus on giving natural light to all users, and ensuring seamless functionality and comfort, the project developed as a central reception pod where admin staff had a window view over the patient waiting area. Doctors have access to natural light through north-facing windows and frosted glass doors assisted sharing some of the natural light with the central spaces. A classic yet iconic look assists in giving patients confidence in the expertise and care provided in the practice and the use of soft curves reflected the warmth and kind nature of the doctors.

“When selecting materials, our reputation is on the line, and that is why Corian® has consistently been the go-to surface in our healthcare designs. It is flexible, strong, durable, easy to clean and it looks beautiful. In this project, Corian® allowed seamless curves and transitions between vertical and horizontal panels, soft edges, and longevity. The result is a welcoming and comfortable feel for patients, staff and doctors.” Said Giova Fellows.

Tight curves are a consistent element of the design. The reception desk had to have a curved and mitred join. This counter also joined a curved wall that required highly skilled installers. Desks and basins all seamlessly integrate with other materials and the smooth finish of Corian® allowed for this small space no spare no detail in ensuring patients comfort while circulating.

“We learned about the application of the various thicknesses of Corian® when requiring a splashback or a curve. We had a curved join, known as a tilecove to avoid bacteria accumulating between the benchtop and the splashback. It was also brilliant to see how the structural stability of Corian® reduced the framing size in the reception area, allowing us to keep a wider corridor, which was critical in this small space.” Continued Giova Fellows.

In looking for a striking yet classic look, Corian® Glacier White answered the question. It is timeless and adapts well to many colour palettes. When looking for added warmth, Corian® Everest was introduced. This colour brought together the floor, walls and feature seating colours, for a more textural and inviting feel in an otherwise clinical area.

Project Details

Design By: Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace
Builder: John Cardillo
Builder: John Cardillo
Fabrication: Culture House
Photography: Scott Shirley