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17 Jan 2023

Corian®: The Perfect Match for Secondary School Labs

Due to its versatile nature, Corian® can be used anywhere and everywhere. The adaptable solid surface material can be moulded to fit the specific needs of each project. Corian® is renowned for its hygienic properties, making it an ideal application for places such as laboratories and hospitals. Making the impactful decision to use Corian® in secondary school labs is a great way to utilise its modifiable and aesthetically-pleasing nature.

Why Corian®?

Corian® holds a wide variety of benefits, whether within schools, at home, or in commercial spaces.

Australian schools value the use of Corian®. According to the guidelines for designing and planning secondary school science facilities, Corian® surpasses the required qualifications and more. The solid surface material is easy to clean, free from joints where possible, resistant to heat and chemicals, and provides a smooth finish without rough textures. Its non-porous surface leaves no room for germs, mould or mildew to grow.

In combination with its durable and non-porous features, Corian® is resistant to most common chemicals and won’t deteriorate over time with the constant use it receives in a school lab. Any spills from experiments can be cleaned easily and don’t require the use of harsh chemicals to do so.

Corian® understands the emphasis on ensuring a greener future for all. As a result of prioritising the movement toward a more sustainable future, Corian® has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can harm the environment and humans. This is why Corian® has had over 50 years of safety and reliability. More so, these environmental impacts are essential within schools, ensuring the safety of the many young people using the surface.

Applications within a laboratory setting

Corian® outshines its competitors in its versatile nature. When used within a laboratory setting, Corian® provides the design element that can elevate the overall learning experience. A fantastic example of this is the use of a curved benchtop at Melbourne Grammar School’s science and technology hub. The curvature of the benchtop creates a stimulating, inspiring and contemporary design that uplifts the space. Creating visual interest through the use of Corian® is an advantage that designers play with in exciting ways.

In conjunction with this, one of the primary advantages within a laboratory setting is seamless integration between the bench, sink and splashback. Curtin University lab’s refurbishment utilised Corian® to create a clean, homogenous aesthetic.

How does Corian® compare?

Unlike its competitors, Corian® offers elevated benefits that ensure it meets the stringent requirements for laboratories in Australian schools. With important safety measures to consider, Corian® is practical and resistant to various chemicals – a trait that is unmatched by other offerings.

Corian® is seamless and durable in its applications. It provides relentless durability and will have the appearance of looking new after years of being installed. Corian® is also able to be repaired on-site without needing to be replaced or reinstalled. In addition, the affected area can be fixed without interrupting the entire lab – a key feature of the solid surface material.

The use of Corian® in school laboratories is just one of the many ways that the material can be applied to a project. If we’ve inspired you to use Corian® for all of its benefits, get in touch or contact our team at 1300 795 044 or info@casf.com.au and discover how it can be moulded and shaped to fit your next project.