New Corian® Adhesive

Selected colours of the new Corian® Joint Adhesive will start to become available from November 2018.

The new Corian® Joint Adhesive has a range of improved features like;

  • No strapping required for standard kitchen and bathroom applications.
  • Less dripping and sagging.
  • 1.5x more strength than DuPont™ Joint Adhesive.
  • Enhanced ease of application.
  • A faster cure time.

To view or download a PDF please click on the links below.

For further technical information please contact one of our Corian® specialists on 1300 795 044.

Corian® Joint Adhesive Dispensing Instructions

Corian Joint Adhesive FAQ

Corian Joint Adhesive Seaming Information

Corian Joint Adhesive General Information

Corian Joint Adhesive Part B SDS

Corian Joint Adhesive Part A SDS

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