Westpoint Amenities

QIC have embarked on a centre-wide amenity upgrade at Westpoint Shopping Centre. The objectives were an aesthetic refresh, increased pan count, improved parent rooms with accessible features, and a strong focus on inclusivity with the addition of two Changing Places facilities. They also placed heavy – View More

Canberra Shopping Centre modernised with custom Corian® colour

Its seamless finish and design flexibility were influential in the specification of Corian® for the latest Canberra Shopping Centre redevelopment. Corian® was used to modernise the central concourse of the Ainslie Mall, including the columns and spandrels. From its beginnings, as ‘Monaro Mall’ in the – View More

Market City

At the hub of Sydney’s Chinatown, and above the famous Paddy’s Markets, this busy food court offers predominantly Asian food while attracting a broad community of students, city workers and tourists. The combination coloured Kelly chairs, low stools and custom made Corian® banquet tables creates – View More

Canberra Centre

The Canberra Centre Food Court had an internal refurbishment of the existing food court at Canberra’s premier shopping centre. The revamped food court also has 10 new food outlets included, along with a more upmarket ambiance built into the design.     Corian® Glacier Ice wall – View More

Klif Shopping Centre

Diamond sparkles on the façade of Warsaw Klif Shopping Center The Warsaw Dom Mody Klif shopping centre has gained an impressive and elegant setting, a new face and a new personality at the end of 2012. Architect bureau ‘Grupa 5 Architekci’ revolutionized the building conceiving – View More

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