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Thales Casia Innovation Laboratory

Congratulations to Melbourne based Carabott Holt Architects. The Thales Casia Innovation Laboratory project showcases the endless design possibilities of Corian®, delivering fluidity, curves and smoothness.

This interior fitout of the existing atrium space in the World Trade Centre incorporating the company’s new branding. It integrates an innovation laboratory to showcase CASIA product (high technology products and services for air traffic management and defence logistics), flexible training rooms, a gallery and workspace. The fitout takes you on a journey around the world following a virtual flight path demonstrating the company’s expertise and infrastructure to develop and deliver complex systems that push the boundaries of technological excellence.

Three sculptural pieces respond to the increasing volume of space that are influenced by the curves and lines of an aircraft. The smallest of these is a multifunctional piece. At any given moment, this piece can be converted from a seat, to a table or a display position. The central piece is the point at which presentations on the ‘Digital Wall’ can be controlled with computer screen lifting out of the Corian® table by a remote control function. The largest sculptural piece accommodates workstations that are used for daily development and training. All three pieces are ergonomically designed, meeting the differing functional requirements of the brief.

According to CH Architects, Corian® was the perfect material to push the boundaries of the form, creating fluid curves and lines from every angle, seamless joins. The three pieces are a major part of the fit out as they sit proudly and central in the room, taking the client on a journey a hi-tech fit out representing the company’s cutting edge technology. The practicality of Corian® is also of relevance as the pieces are used daily.

Project Details

Design By: Adele Bates of Carabott Holt Architects
Fabrication: Deadwood Furniture Design
Photography: Shannon McGrath
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