Penrith Panthers Public Bathroom Upgrade

Panthers Before-After
The decision to renovate the marble benchtops within the bathrooms at Penrith Panthers came easily to the team as they were disappointed in the quality of the joins and the mouldy connection points between the existing basins, splashback and stone surface. Both the mens and womens benchtops were looking less than appealing to its customers and were in urgent need of replacement.

Corian® was chosen as the ideal finish thanks to its seamless joining capability between the horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as within the washplane’s basin itself.   Corian® is a non-porous material and requires minimal maintenance to continue to look good year after year. The ability to have the washplanes installed as one piece and completed out of hours, ensured the facilities were available for guests at all times.

Penrith Panthers Corian washplanes Aspen (3)Corian® is a completely non-porous surface and is fused together to create seamless joins to create a one piece washplane design.  Using this same joining technology you can integrate Corian® splash backs seamlessly.  This means there is no need for grout between the joins, eliminating moisture penetration and the growth of mould. The Corian® surface is a non-toxic material so won’t emit harmful gases.

The Corian® washplanes create an elegant and functional design, combined with the advanced technology of the Dyson Airblade™ Tap goes hand-in-hand with low maintenance high traffic areas.

Penrith Panthers Corian washplanes Aspen (2)

Penrith Panthers Corian washplanes Aspen (4)
Penrith Panthers Corian washplanes Aspen (1)

Corian® Colour(s):


  • Washplane

Fabrication: Advance Solid Surface

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