These 3D-scanning pods, called mPods, are a world-first, patent-pending innovation whereby body measurements are mapped in 3D for mobile fashion and health applications.






mPods are located within major shopping centres across Australia where consumers can have access anytime. The concept is to create an approachable, comfortable, secure and user-friendly environment that speaks first-class quality through design and material selection. Friendly finishes like oak laminate and warm lighting need a complimentary material to complete the feel akin to a first-class cabin but with a domestic palette. This is why Corian® is chosen to meet the standard of experience we want to achieve.




Aside the aesthetics and haptics, Corian® is also durable yet easily accommodating for changes; which is a huge benefit during initial prototyping phase. It also allows seamless finishes to make our pods look like a one-piece sculpture instead of a manufactured product.



Corian® Colour(s):


  • Backlit
  • cladding
  • Engraved
  • Thermoformed

Design By: Melody Shiue of mPort

Joiner: Euroline Pty Ltd

Fabrication: Palette Solid Surface And Fabrications Pty Ltd

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