Mount Mee

The client was not happy with how the original sunken lounge room design of their weekend residence did not accommodate their furniture properly, or work for the dual-use of the area. The lounge area consists of two separate zones – one being for watching television – the other for sitting in front of the massive wood burning fireplace in a conversation pit. Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace overcame their problem by turning the entire space into a sunken lounge suite by following the original step detail which included a piano shape curve.

By doing this, the space was opened and created a much larger multi-use seating configuration with no wasted space. Two entry points to the area have been incorporated – which were part of the original steps into the sunken lounge. There are two beautiful imported velvet and bronze swivel tub chairs that assist in making the area a dual-space because they can be a part of one zone or the other with a simple 180 degree spin.


The built-in sofa arms have been designed extra wide to not only be dramatic, but to also be used as side tables. The arms flow around the tan suede upholstery to become the back of the sofa to create a solid enclosure or framing for the upholstery.

This Corian sofa frame blends and compliments with the existing materials in lounge space by day – but at night – the entire lounge suite illuminates to create a magical and soothing
glow in the room. Not only is the Corian backlit, but underlighting has also bee installed to the fronts of the upholstered seating – and the entire piece can dim in unison to create a soft
glow to compliment the fire.

To create a floating effect, the recessed kick of sofas have been clad with a flexible mirror product to give the effect that the carpet continues all the way through. Not one person has
ever noticed the mirror. To complete the space and provide both comfort and practicality, several matching suede ottomans with a thermoformed Witch Hazel plinth and a removable thermoformed Witch Hazel tray table have been created.

“This project had to have Corian Witch Hazel for multiple reasons. The space and materials are all very organic, but glamorous. So I needed to use a product that complimented the existing tones, but also make a suble statement during the day and have the appearance of a natural stone… while having the glamour of illuminated onyx at night time. The existing piano curved sweep in the steps could only have been achieved to perfection by thermoforming… so it simply had to be Corian.” says Mark Gacesa 


Corian® Colour(s):


  • Decorative Cladding
  • Table

Design By: Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace

Joiner: Artistry in Cabinets

Fabrication: Superior Solid Surface

Photography: Scott Shirly

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