Monash University Learning and Teaching Building

Transformative Renewal

The Learning & Teaching Building (LTB) is a major facility for Monash University’s Clayton Campus. The LTB is a catalyst for renewal that will be transformative for the Campus Southern Precinct and will present a new front door to the University. The LTB is a 4-storey, multi-faculty teaching building for undergraduate and post-graduate students. Staff offices will accommodate the Faculty of Education and the Office of the Vice Provost (Learning and Teaching).

Complex Forms and Seamless Finishes

Effortlessly Created 

Corian® was chosen for the joinery units within the large format teaching spaces for its long term quality and durability. “We wanted a seamless finish that suited the 3-dimensional nature of the joinery units (being curved) and reflected the high quality and vision of these spaces. Due to the complex form of the ‘map tables’ Corian® could achieve a seamless finish where other materials could not. The high use nature of these teaching spaces suited the durable and maintainable nature of Corian® also.” Amanda Moore, John Wardle Architects

Corian® Uniquely Thermoformed into

3-D Curved Forms 

The 3-dimensional curved form of the map tables was achieved by curving segmented ‘petals’ of the Corian®  and then seamlessly welding the pieces together. The overall size of the map tables required them to be delivered to site in pieces and then joined and welded on site.

High Quality, Durable Solution,

Now and Into The Future

The teaching spaces reflect the University’s innovative approach to a student centred learning and teaching methodology. The Corian® used on the presentation points within the large format teaching spaces provides a high quality and durable solution for these spaces now and into the future.

Corian® Colour(s):


  • Table
  • Benchtop

Design By: Amanda Moore, John Wardle Architects

Builder: Multiplex

Joiner: JFK Interiors Australia

Fabrication: Schiavello

Photography: Peter Bennetts, Sharon Crabb, Trevor Mein

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