Luxury Super Yacht

Misha Merzilakov Yacht Design has achieved a high-end, modern finish in this Whitehaven 6100 Coupe Euro superyacht, effortlessly blending functionality with style. Using heat-formed Corian® Pearl and Glacier White, along with considered back-lighting to emphasise elements of the design, the result is a luxurious vessel that will stand up to harsh conditions on the water.

The design needed to embrace the latest trends in the superyacht market, both in shape and colour. Only Corian® was versatile enough to accomplish this, thanks to its ability to be thermoformed and joined inconspicuously. The completed project is as seamless blend of crisp, clean lines and cool hues with a pleasing translucent finish, which fits perfectly into the spaces found on board.

Corian® Pearl and Glacier White were heat formed to achieve a unique, on-trend look. Each piece is stunning on its own merit, from the wave-form counter tops to the custom dining tables, both indoor and outdoor. These striking, translucent colours were also the ideal material with which to fabricate feature lighting throughout the yacht. The versatility of the product enabled the designer to envision a consistent and cohesive palette which would have been unachievable using material that could not be thermoformed. Corian® can be shaped into virtually any form, leaving the designer limited only by their imagination.

To further elevate the exquisite design, and ensure its success in all lighting conditions on the water, the designer chose to back-light some elements. In the master cabin, custom hexagon lights were fabricated and back-lit to realise a “carved from ice” aesthetic, while the bedside lights were created by wrapping Corian® Pearl up the wall and extending it overhead with a large radius at the top, to add a little drama to the sleeping quarters. The lighting serves both a practical and decorative function, and is sure to be a talking point amongst guests.

Superyacht design poses a unique challenge, in that it demands a simultaneous functionality and luxury not required elsewhere. The importance of stability and durability in yacht design cannot be overstated, with the outdoor environment and high-salt conditions necessitating the highest quality materials. The Corian® products used are UV-stable, essential for summer sailing, and can stand up to the harsh marine environment. Corian® was chosen for this project because it is the only material on market able to achieve this practical function, without compromising on style.

Corian® Colour(s):


  • Table
  • Translucent
  • Splashback
  • Decorative Wall Cladding
  • Benchtop
  • Decorative Cladding

Design By: Misha Merzliakov

Builder: Whitehaven Motor yachts

Joiner: Whitehaven Motor yachts

Fabrication: Thermoform Fabricators

Photography: Damien Bredberg

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