HIVE Superlab, UTS

UTS Central is a vibrant student hub and faculty space located next to the UTS Tower on Broadway, Sydney. The UTS Central design responds to its urban context and location, intentionally preserving the prominence of the Brutalist UTS Tower while bringing a complementary contemporary edge to the heart of the campus.

Housed in a basement level of the UTS Central building, the Hive Super Lab opened in March 2020. Designed to a PC2-standard, the lab is even larger and more technologically advanced than any other lab at UTS. The space accommodates up to 270 students, allowing seven classes to run simultaneously. It’s a practical, collaborative space, enabling students and researchers from different science disciplines to work side by side.

In keeping with State of the Art technology, the Hive uses Corian® Solid Surface throughout the work benches. The seamless nature of Corian® has allowed long expanses of bench space to the central area of the hive and the collaborative hexagon group benches.

Corian® is an excellent choice within the laboratory environment as it is non-porous, meaning bacteria and viruses can not harbour in the material. Corian® is stain and chemical resistant including to agents commonly used within the science setting. 

Laboratory benchtops leave no room for error. They need to be extremely hygienic, fluidly functional, resistant to wear, and highly customisable. That’s why laboratory countertops made with Corian® solid surface work so well — and keep on working for the life of the lab.

You can rely on laboratory installations made with Corian® surface for the long run. The surfaces can be washed and disinfected repeatedly without deterioration, while meeting meet all your design and functionality specs.

Corian® Colour(s):


  • Benchtops

Design By: FJMT

Fabrication: KPD

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