First Impressions Matter at Campbelltown Catholic Club

Campbelltown Catholic Club is regarded as Macathur region’s premier entertainment destination. The refurbishment by Cullinan Ivanov Partnership sees a complete re-design of entry, foyer and pre-function areas using Corian® to full effect, taking what was a dated and functionally problematic area and creating a modern, high quality and welcoming space.

Upon entry into the foyer, guests can appreciate the magnitude of the light filled space with high ceilings, timber details and Corian® screens inviting them to wander and explore the various areas of the club. The contemporary colour palette evokes a serene but sophisticated atmosphere. The original concierge desk has been replaced by two smaller sign-in pods in Corian®, and the new reception desk and lounge complete the space.

On the opposite side of the foyer, a generous new corridor creates direct links to the other areas of the club. This new thoroughfare provides access to refurbished amenities, administrative areas and gaming area, separated by a decorative line of Corian® screen walls.  The formability of Corian® was ideal for the curved, irregular shapes of most of the joinery, stair and screens throughout. 

After ascending the new staircase complete with Corian® balustrade, guests are greeted with an elegant pre-function area featuring Corian® throughout. The varying curves of the joinery units and the large areas of Corian® cladding brings a unique design element to the venue. 

The use of Corian® Glacier Ice gives the joinery and screens a depth that would not have been achieved with any other material.

Corian® Colour(s):


  • Benchtop
  • Decorative Cladding

Design By: Cullinan Ivanov Partnership

Builder: Meridian Construction Services

Fabrication: S&M Interiors

Photography: Chris Warnes

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