Corian® ignites children’s imagination through hands-on learning

DuPage Children’s Museum, USA


The DuPage Children’s Museum has over 300,000 visitors a year experiencing the hands-on exhibits that integrate art, math and science.The entire museum went through a rebuild following water damage in 2016 and the architects, Architecture Is Fun, were tasked with creating an environment that encourages children to reach their full, unique learning potential through hands-on-play.


Corian® was used to create the oversized pyramid bench play tops, that sit prominent on top of birch octahedrons, in the centre of the museum. Architecture Is Fun specified Corian® for its durability, flexible properties and ease of maintenance.  

The pyramid bench had to be imaginative and an impressive scale, while being durable enough to withstand the 600,000 hands that will touch it all year round. The simplicity and flexibility of Corian®, meant designing and forming the table tops were an easy, hassle-free process.


Architecture Is Fun designed the table tops to stand out and invite visitors to explore the shapes and space. Corian® Glacier White was a favourite within the design team, bringing brightness and contrast against the natural wood and varied wood stained play blocks.

For an attraction that invites children to play, climb and feel the exhibits, hygiene and cleanliness were an important factor when Architecture Is Fun chose Corian® as the material of choice. With a seamless design, maintenance staff can easily wipe clean the surfaces without leaving moisture to seep in between the cracks that could result in damp or the growth of mould.

While families lounge and children explore, the Corian® pyramid bench top, supports the visitor’s experience by connecting architecture, design and an invitation to play.


Corian® Colour(s):


  • Benchtop

Design By: Architecture Is Fun

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