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All Hallows School

All Hallows’ School was founded in 1861, and over that time has seen many additions to the campus. As part of the most recent renovations, this prestigious girls secondary college upgraded their Aquinas Hall and surrounds which includes a new café and outdoor seating area for students and visitors to enjoy.

The outdoor seating area features an expansive, seamless back-lit Corian® retaining wall with a salvaged stone base. In keeping with the latest technological advancements, power points have been incorporated into the wall for student use.

Corian® Mint Ice enabled the design by Dunn and Moran Landscape Architects to compliment the newly renovated building opposite and the new tables and seating. In the evening, the wall takes on an entirely new presence thanks to the translucent quality of Corian®, the backlit wall provides subtle light spill over path in evenings, reducing the need for other light installations.

Corian® is often considered for its longevity for exterior applications. Backed by a 10 year warranty, Corian® is durable, weatherproof, low maintenance and UV stable. When selecting a material for All Hallows School, special consideration for the existing overhanging large trees and local bats was taken. Corian® was the perfect choice for this setting.

Project Details

Design By: Steve Dunn of Dunn and Moran Landscape Architects
Fabrication: Solid Surface Productions
Photography: Scott Burrows Photography

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