Corian® Textured Surfaces

Our range of Australian designed and made patterns offer you the latest innovation in multi-dimensional wall panelling. Available in a wide range of colours and textures, Corian® Textured Surfaces deliver the ideal combination of functionality and beauty. Bonded together with matching adhesive, they offer a finished solution in one step. No painting. No sanding. No grout. Simply bond the pieces together and attach to the wall with silicone. With Corian® textured surfaces, you have the power to make your space unique!

Mitch Cass is a freelance Industrial designer with over 30 years experience in design disciplines from furniture and product design, digital art, photography and art direction. With a passion for new material innovations and manufacturing techniques he is a natural fit with CASF.

“With CASF I believe we can define a unique Australian style that sets our interiors apart from the rest of the world. Exciting times!”

Davisthomas seek to create works that weave subliminal connections to the natural environment, through expanding the qualities of Corian®. The textures and patterns are inspired by the visual base code of the natural world; from the geometry of structure through to the qualities of surface, and the interplay of the elements on them. The creative intent of these designs is to visually explore and express Liminality ‚the state of transition. Through the interplay of slight and deep furrows shaping light and shadow, the textures become liminal surfaces in themselves; ever changing in response to the environment in which they are installed.

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