The NEW Corian® Multi-basin Washplane

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The Corian® Washplane represents the epitome of linear design, form and function.

We have reimagined the traditional channel-style washplane. Driven from your demand for the aesthetic profile and user-centric experience of individual washbasins. This new collection combines our original linear form with individual basins to personalise and enhance the public washroom experience. The new 421 & 422 Corian® Washplanes coupled with the Dyson Airblade Taps is the best of both worlds, allowing the user to appreciate a surge of water and subsequent drying within their own personal space.

The new multi-basin washplane family is a complete bathroom solution that can also be used in residential spaces.

View our Public Bathroom Solutions Brochure for the full bathroom solution experience.

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THE Bathroom Solution

Whilst Dyson were solving the issues with bathrooms, CASF with their collection of Corian® washplanes were solving another; how to contain the power and technology that Dyson were creating in the most beautiful way possible.
The result a multi-basin washplane designed to work hand-in-hand, technically and aesthetically.

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Accessible Design

This Corian® PWD washplane is part of a new collection designed specifically for use in accessible bathrooms. This washplane can be installed to comply with AS1428.1 – 2009 and work with the short stem Dyson Airblade Taps.

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Individual washing experience

Personalise your bathroom with user-centric design and combine the spatial economy of individual washbasins with the functionality of an angled washplane.

Superior style, endless design possibilities

Corian® multi-basin washplanes are available in all Corian® colours, perfect for creative expression in any home, providing variety that can be paired with any design aesthetic.







Or create your own with
Endless possibilities.

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Corian® Multi-basin Washplanes.

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