Say hello to wireless charging that’s truly effortless.

Introducing the Corian® Wireless Charging Surface

As our reliance on smartphones increase, residential and commercial spaces are demanding smarter interior design solutions that provide quick, reliable and seamless access to charging options. Australians spend many hours each day on the internet using mobile devices – which means convenient charging is needed regularly by everyone, everywhere!

The unique Corian® Wireless Charging Surface replaces messy cables and unattractive power points to create user-friendly work and living areas.  A practical and simple to install technology solution for anywhere a smart device may want to be recharged wirelessly, this surface is suitable for one or multiple locations throughout a home including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home office and living space.

The Corian® Wireless Charging Surface is also ideal for commercial applications such as conference and meeting rooms, communal office areas and social hubs, as well as service, retail and hospitality environments – wherever durability meets design.

How does it power up?

Imagine messy cables and having to hunt for your charger to be a thing of the past!  With the new generation of smart phones, combined with a Corian® Wireless Charging Surface it can be.  Yes, you can simply place your new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy 8 onto a Corian® Wireless Charging Surface and reap the wireless charging benefits that are cleverly concealed under the benchtop surface.

Enabled by a state-of-the-art unit harnessing induction technology, the Corian® Wireless Charging Surface has a transmitter discreetly hidden under the surface, delivering the charge directly through the Corian®.  This avoids the need to make penetrations into the surface and maintains the seamless and precise finish for which Corian® surfaces are renowned.

Plus, the surface is smart – charging stops when your device has reached maximum battery capacity. 




How much does it cost?

Upgrading to a Corian® Wireless Charging Surface is not as expensive as you may think. The transmitter unit (concealed under the bench) costs $180 + GST. Price does not include installation.

Adaptor rings to suit older model smartphones cost $40 + GST each. Micro USB and Apple Lightning models available.

Here’s how to wirelessly charge smart devices in your business or home:

  1. Select a Corian® surface colour from the hues and patterns available.
  2. Decide where in your designs, a charging surface(s) will work best.
  3. A DuPont Corian® fabricator* will install the device(s) along with the surface installation.
  4. Once installed, place your wireless enabled device (or connect a wireless charging ring for non-wireless enabled devices) over the charging spot and power up begins automatically. Charging stops when battery is full.


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How does wireless charging work?

Wireless power, also known as inductive coupling, uses narrow magnetic fields that are a natural part of how electrical current moves through wires. It starts by creating a magnetic field around a hidden electrical coil. The receiving device has a hidden coil that can receive the magnetic energy created, thereby transferring power wirelessly.

What do I need to charge my device?

All new major smart phone brands (iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X & Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 & S8 ranges) already include built-in support for wireless charging. If your device does not have this capability, you can enable your device by plugging a wireless charging adapter ring (sold separately) into its charging port or by using a case specifically designed for wireless charging.

Do you offer an adapter for my existing devices?

We offer a Wireless Charging Ring which acts as an adapter. It comes in several different variations depending on the type of device you have. The Ring is plugged into your device’s charging port and acts as a receiver of the magnetic energy created by the technology embedded in the Corian® solid surface.

Is the Charging Unit available for residential or commercial applications?

Both. For all applications, we offer the Individual Wireless Charging unit. This is a single charging unit that, once installed, is a plug-and-play system that works instantly for those who are ready to power up. With the ability to install one or a series of units for multiple users, the Individual unit creates a seamless solution for most settings.

Is wireless charging faster than wired charging?

Wireless charging receivers will charge your phone at approximately the same rate as wired charging.

Can you charge other devices besides smartphones?

Yes, the Corian® Charging Unit uses technology that is scalable and versatile. It can be used to charge a range of devices depending upon the specific makeup of the wireless charging spots. Most wireless charging spots are initially configured to support smartphones and other devices, such as small tablets. Larger tablets may charge, but at a much slower rate.

Can a laptop be charged?

No. A laptop requires higher energy to charge so it either may fail to charge at all or will charge at a much slower rate. However, Corian® Charging Unit has scalable technology and has the ability to upgrade to laptop compatibility when this technology becomes available.

How close does my device need to be to the charging spot to charge wirelessly?

The device must be directly on top of the charging spot. This ensures that the transmitter in the charging spot and the receiver in the device can transmit power.

Can I use my phone while its charging?

Yes, provided it is within range of the charging spot.

How many devices can be charged at once?

One device can be charged per charging spot.

Power up your Knowledge

Below is comprehensive information compiled to help architects, designers and builders in specifying and installing Corian® Wireless Charging Surface. You’ll find product specification guidelines, warranty information, data sheets, product brochures, residential and commercial installation reports, and case studies. If you have specific questions, Click Here, fill out the form and a technical specialist will contact you.

Product + Install Guides

Corian® Recharge Product Brochure

DuPont™ Corian® Charging Unit – Installation Guide

DuPont™ Corian® Charging Surface User Manual

Warranty Info

DuPont™ Charging Device 1-year Limited Consumer Warranty

CAD Drawings

DuPont™ Corian® Charging Unit – Individual (DWG)

DuPont™ Corian® Charging Unit – Individual (PDF)

DuPont™ Corian® Charging Surface Logo (ZIP)

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