The New Wall Mount Corian® Washplanes

Whilst Dyson were solving the issues with bathrooms, CASF with their collection of Corian® washplanes were solving another; how to contain the power and technology that Dyson were creating in the most beautiful and easy to maintain manner with our collection of washplanes. The result is a range of products that are designed to work hand-in-hand, technically and aesthetically.

The new 5 Series wall mount have a more generous basin size, allowing for wall or bench mounted soap dispensers to fit within the basin area and not conflict with the Airblade sensors. The coved corners ensure that each wash basin is easy to clean due to having no square internal corners. Plus the new concealed drainage will prevent items from entering the waste system allowing for easier maintenance of the washplane.

These washplanes are available across almost the entire Corian® colour range, providing you with the flexibility of creating a public bathroom space that is set to impress your clients and enhance the user experience.


New Wall Mount Corian® Washplanes

The Perfect Public Bathroom Solution

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