McDonalds, Sydney Airport

Congratulations to Giant Design Consultants, a leading Australian design practise with a design portfolio consisting of national and international projects from various business categories. Giant Design created a warm and natural environment for McDonald’s at Sydney Airport. Briefed to leave a lasting impression to passengers passing through the International departure lounge, Giant created the ‘McLounge’ at Sydney Airport.




A captive audience in no rush to leave gives McDonald’s the opportunity to create a very different environment to the average store. Warm, natural finishes with lots of texture and the introduction of graphic ‘greenery’ softens the hardness of the concrete runway it opens out onto. The centrally positioned McCafe breaks up the expanse of the space, three times the size of an average McDonald’s. The oversized pendants help lower the eye line down to a manageable scale.




Corian® Tumbleweed was selected and applied on the table tops and counters throughout the store. The natural hues of Corian® tumbleweed from the Corian® Organics collection combines and ensures a natural and refreshing feel to the new McDonald’s store. The robust and hygienic surface is ideal for the fast moving traffic at Sydney International Airport.








mcdonalds-sydney-airport-7 mcdonalds-sydney-airport-8

Corian® Colour(s):


  • Benchtop
  • Counter
  • Servery

Design By: Giant Design Consultants

Fabrication: Kernow Solid Surfaces

Photography: Andrew Worsamm

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